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College Football Armageddon (2 of 2)

Today the college football conversation continues, where I continue to advocate that only conference champions be eligible to compete in a national championship tournament. EXAMPLE Let’s once again look at the previously discussed rankings and examine them as if that were the end-of-the year rankings under a 4 team playoff system in which only conference … Continue reading

College Football Armageddon (1 of 2)

Let’s talk college football today. As I type the winner of the SEC Championship game (Bama vs Georgia) will play Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship. Most arrogant SEC fans [redundant, I know] are thinking, “Of course a SEC team will be in the big game. That is the way it is supposed to … Continue reading

Bad Tattoo Grammar

Here is the story of a college student who lost a bet and got a tattoo. I pass this along just because of the apostrophe. I know there are some Red Pen Police / Grammar Snobs around WordPress.com that care about this stuff. I presume the y’all will find the placement of the apostrophe humorous. … Continue reading

How Good is Good Enough? (Pt. 1 of 2)

This is a true “web-log” entry recounting my personal experience as I reenter with world of dating. I created this blog to purge these thoughts from my mind, regardless of who reads them. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing this, and yet I know it is therapeutic to get it out of my mind. I will … Continue reading