Best Of Smooth

What follows is a list of my Top 10 posts, as judged by me, based on no objective criteria at all. Readers, feel free to suggest modifications to the list, as I am quite certain I’m the least qualified to critique my own work!


  1. Then There’s Me – Breakup letter that has resonated with many readers. (Relationships)
  2. Star Trek: Evening the Odds – A humorous analysis of the Odd Numbered Curse with Star Trek movies.  (Entertainment)
  3. The Reverse Facebook Block – The ultimate solution to stop stalking your Ex on Facebook. (Social Media)
  4. Steak or Threesome? – True story of a difficult decision. (Dating)
  5. My Eyeglasses FetishWhy eyeglasses are sexy. (Fashion)
  6. Busted: The Pinnacle of Awkward – I handle an awkward dating situation poorly. (Personal)
  7. Can’t Stop Thinking of You – This comes to this blog by way of the Treasure Trove. I am publisher, not writer. (Writing)
  8. How many To Date at Once – A practical discussion about how many dating prospects/irons to keep in the fire at once. (Dating)
  9. Types of Men – What kind of man are you dating? (Relationships)
  10. The Self Portrait Picture Dilemma – I agonized over my public image, both with online dating profiles and with Facebook. (Dating)

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