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Smooth Calls Out the Elephant

When Deliberately Delicious plays the Alphabet Game, she always parts on good terms by writing the nicest letters. My letters, on the other hand, seem to contain more…venom.  Dear H, God I hope you end up going out with whoever got under your skin. I hope you go out with him long enough that I have a chance … Continue reading

Case Studies, Cyberstalking Pt. III

In Part 1 we distinguished the difference between due diligence and stalking. In Part II I submitted my litmus test questions to red flag when one might be crossing the line. Today, in Part III, we conclude the series with two real life examples. EXAMPLE 1: On the RSVP Dating Stories blog, she gives the … Continue reading

Crossing The Line, Cyberstalking Pt II

In Part 1 I made the case that being prudent is not the same as bonafide stalking. In Part II I will discuss when the line is crossed into the realm of true creeper stalking. Tomorrow we will conclude the series with real-life examples. We all use the term “stalking” loosely in day-to-day conversation.