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When Flirting Goes Too Far

Are you just being friendly? Or are you flirting? Does it even matter? Because in The New Rules of Flirting, the WSJ says that everyone flirts anyway. So if everyone flirts,  when is it in bounds? When does flirting cross the line into out-of-bounds? Tough questions aren’t they? In true Smooth fashion, my over-analytical brain … Continue reading

A Flattering Mention

A Flattering Mention A fellow blogger I am flirting with (trying to flirt with at least) mentioned our conversation on her blog. Not that I had any deep insights to offer or anything, but I find it flattering that something I said could be thought provoking enough for her to mention on her blog. I … Continue reading

WANTED: Flirting Critic

In the past few days I have lost three women I was flirting with. They all went dark. They are: The 23 year old I mentioned yesterday. Another divorcee that is possibly the full package. It is bizarre. We agreed to go on a trip to get away and she was all excited. HER IDEA. … Continue reading

Easy for Her to Say!

I know that women enjoy sharing sappy, sentimental, inspirational things with each other on Facebook. The sentiment here is hard to critisize–all women are beautiful inside and never lower your standards. Who can argue with that? I can. If you are an observer of life, you will find the humor in this. Let me share … Continue reading