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Do Women Get Friend-zoned?

Do women get friend-zoned? If so, why don’t we ever read about it? My personal opinion is that women do, in fact, get friend zoned. Believe it or not I have put women in the friend-zone. The conditions are ripe for me friend-zoning a woman when she is still emotionally connected to different guy. When … Continue reading

The Sadly Ironic Bachelor

Neckties, tissues, love-notes, and self-respect; all things girls on The Bachelor lost down their cleavage this season. Woe! Slow down a minute–Smooth, YOU watched THE BACHELOR? — Quite possibly the most corny, most cheesy, sappiest, gayest show on the entire planet? Yes–yes I am saying that I watched The Bachelor this season. I get the … Continue reading

Best System for Code Names?

Today’s Question Du Jour is: What is the best system for code naming people in a blog? They best system I have seen is at the Deliberately Delicious blog. Ms. Delicious simply uses letters of the alphabet in sequential order. It is quite an effective system. Surely there are other simple yet effective methodologies out … Continue reading