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Legendary Selfie Fails

A while back I wrote about The Self Portrait Picture Dilemma. If only these people cared about selfie quality like we do. I don’t have the words to describe how disturbed I am by #14. Click here to view at your own risk.

How Many Pictures to Include in a Dating Profile?

Here is my Question du Jour: How many pictures can one post on an online dating profile without coming across as a narcissist? In my opinion the best profiles not only show what the person looks like, but also pictorially depict what the person’s life is like.  Too many pictures and you come across a self absorbed narcissist. Too few … Continue reading

The Self Portrait Picture Delimma

The Self Portrait Picture Delimma

FACT: I have lived under a social rock for 18 years with very boring social life. FACT: As news of my divorce begins to spread, women and their friends will check me out on Facebook, Linked-In, and any other available sites, including okCupid soon. FACT: A public image makeover is in order in order to … Continue reading