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The Masters of Smooth

The Masters of Smooth

Yesterday I confessed to handling an awkward situation rather poorly. I got uptight, lost my cool, and was not smooth at at all. That little episode got me reminiscing of movie scenes in which men handled awkward situations gracefully. Smoothly, if you will. What follows are some samplings that came to mind, in no particular order, that … Continue reading

How My Heart Aches for Thee, Bro

I’ve been going about this all wrong. I deserve true love that can be depended on. Why have I been searching or that special woman? It’s an act in futility. With the advent of online dating, women can get online anytime they want and get a young stud like ordering fries off a menu. They … Continue reading

When To Become Facebook Friends?

Men, assume you are flirting with a woman on an online dating site. Things are going well but she is on the fence about meeting you. Is it a good tactic to become Facebook friends so that she can be reassured you aren’t a creeper? If so, what are the risks? Note: I have my … Continue reading

Steak or Threesome Part II: The Steak

Today I continue the story of the time I chose between a steak or threesome. Click here to start at the beginning. BAMBI One day, Thumper is at a social function and texts me that she is getting flirty vibes from a fellow soccer mom named Bambi. [Code names obviously.] I texted Thumper back and … Continue reading

Do Coffee Dates Work?

This morning I read a post titled, “The Worst Things to Do on a First Date“. What is number one on the list? Getting coffee! Naturally I read this article shortly after scheduling a coffee date with a woman I’d really like to impress. [Murphy’s Law strikes again!] My date is scheduled for Starbucks no … Continue reading

Distance and Dating, My Personal Policy

Today I cancelled a date with a woman that lives 1 hour 45 minutes away from me. She is gorgeous and wealthy, and I was excited about the date when we set it. Later I got the vibe from her that this was going to be just another date because she didn’t have anything better to … Continue reading

A Cougar With No Claws

Let me introduce you to Nancy. Nancy is the woman who asked me out. Yes, SHE asked ME out. It was pretty gutsy of her to tell you the truth. Her assertiveness paid off too… I started talking to her on POF. I was goofing around on the laptop, looking for a distraction while in … Continue reading

Types of Men (RM 2 of 4)

Single Ladies, I humbly assert that there are four types of men in your dating life. They are: The Full Package Mr. No-Commit Mr. Trade-In Mr. Upgrade THE FULL PACKAGE This is what you are after ladies. The man of your dreams.

A Flattering Mention

A Flattering Mention A fellow blogger I am flirting with (trying to flirt with at least) mentioned our conversation on her blog. Not that I had any deep insights to offer or anything, but I find it flattering that something I said could be thought provoking enough for her to mention on her blog. I … Continue reading

Relationship Matrix Intro (RM 1 of 4)

Ladies, if you have ever been frustrated by men and their fear of commitment, please read this series. Men, if you have a friend who complains to you about men and their fear of commitment, please read this series. Do you ever have ideas that percolate in your head for the longest time? And then out … Continue reading

WANTED: Flirting Critic

In the past few days I have lost three women I was flirting with. They all went dark. They are: The 23 year old I mentioned yesterday. Another divorcee that is possibly the full package. It is bizarre. We agreed to go on a trip to get away and she was all excited. HER IDEA. … Continue reading

Age Differences: How Low Can You Go?

Today’s Question Du Jour is: How much younger can you date before it is indecent? This topic came up during a Football Saturday/Man’s Night get together. It has become obvious that I have one particular friend, code-named Mark, who is looking forward to enjoying my bachelor experiences vicariously.

How Good is Good Enough? (Pt. 1 of 2)

This is a true “web-log” entry recounting my personal experience as I reenter with world of dating. I created this blog to purge these thoughts from my mind, regardless of who reads them. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing this, and yet I know it is therapeutic to get it out of my mind. I will … Continue reading