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How Many Men to Juggle? (RM 3 of 4)

Now that I have listed the four types of men, I am going to modify Deliberately Delicious’s original question and ask how many men should you you juggle at one time? Obviously, this question relevant for the ladies who are still in search of The Full Package. Let’s take a look a common situation. 1 … Continue reading

Types of Men (RM 2 of 4)

Single Ladies, I humbly assert that there are four types of men in your dating life. They are: The Full Package Mr. No-Commit Mr. Trade-In Mr. Upgrade THE FULL PACKAGE This is what you are after ladies. The man of your dreams.

Relationship Matrix Intro (RM 1 of 4)

Ladies, if you have ever been frustrated by men and their fear of commitment, please read this series. Men, if you have a friend who complains to you about men and their fear of commitment, please read this series. Do you ever have ideas that percolate in your head for the longest time? And then out … Continue reading

WANTED: Flirting Critic

In the past few days I have lost three women I was flirting with. They all went dark. They are: The 23 year old I mentioned yesterday. Another divorcee that is possibly the full package. It is bizarre. We agreed to go on a trip to get away and she was all excited. HER IDEA. … Continue reading