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When Flirting Goes Too Far

Are you just being friendly? Or are you flirting? Does it even matter? Because in The New Rules of Flirting, the WSJ says that everyone flirts anyway. So if everyone flirts,  when is it in bounds? When does flirting cross the line into out-of-bounds? Tough questions aren’t they? In true Smooth fashion, my over-analytical brain … Continue reading

Creepy Finance Guy’s Dating Spreadsheet

Creepy Finance Guy’s Dating Spreadsheet

Beware! For there is a horrendous monster lurking in the online dating world, victimizing helpless women. This is an evil man, so manipulative and calculating in his methods that you will be shocked. SHOCKED I say! The story is so surprising that it set the internet on fire and appeared on major news sites. This … Continue reading

How My Heart Aches for Thee, Bro

I’ve been going about this all wrong. I deserve true love that can be depended on. Why have I been searching or that special woman? It’s an act in futility. With the advent of online dating, women can get online anytime they want and get a young stud like ordering fries off a menu. They … Continue reading

When To Become Facebook Friends?

Men, assume you are flirting with a woman on an online dating site. Things are going well but she is on the fence about meeting you. Is it a good tactic to become Facebook friends so that she can be reassured you aren’t a creeper? If so, what are the risks? Note: I have my … Continue reading

How Many to Date At Once?

How Many to Date At Once?

The way the dating game is played nowadays is like an episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, with people openly sharing that they are interested in more than one person. Unlike The Bachelor, most of us don’t have the deep pockets of a hit television show backing us. We don’t have the luxury of putting … Continue reading

Distance and Dating, My Personal Policy

Today I cancelled a date with a woman that lives 1 hour 45 minutes away from me. She is gorgeous and wealthy, and I was excited about the date when we set it. Later I got the vibe from her that this was going to be just another date because she didn’t have anything better to … Continue reading

Treasure Trove: Relationships

Him: Do you watch porn? Her: Not really my favorite. I’m not a fan of romantic comedies either. Both genres lead to some pretty unrealistic ideas about relationships. Smooth needs your help! Click here to email confidential Treasure Trove entries to smoothreentry@gmail.com.

Types of Men (RM 2 of 4)

Single Ladies, I humbly assert that there are four types of men in your dating life. They are: The Full Package Mr. No-Commit Mr. Trade-In Mr. Upgrade THE FULL PACKAGE This is what you are after ladies. The man of your dreams.