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Steak or Threesome: Which Would You Choose?

This is not one of my philosophical questions du jour. Today I will tell you the story of how I had to choose between a delicious steak or a threesome with two beautiful women. I’m not joking–I literally had to choose. For realz. I know! A gut wrenching decision right? I mean, that is a … Continue reading

Characteristics of Effective Makeout Music

My self awareness meter isn’t the best. Therefore it is hard for me to self analyze what phase of recovery I am in currently.  Marriage Purgatory is behind me. My best guess is that this next phase I’m in will one day be referred to as my man whore phase. Considering my situation, it is … Continue reading

Yes…yes…YES to more sex!

What a great article! Thoughts: A) Any woman who resembles this, please contact me. I have Cialis and know how to use it. B) Thank you God for letting me be single during this era. C) I am sure I am only interested due to being sexually repressed for 18 years. After I get it … Continue reading