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Questioned by a Leggy Slut

Questioned by a Leggy Slut

Q&A with Off Go the Panties and Smooth. P: What is your favorite mythological villain (or group of villains) and why? S: Sirens. To me, sirens represent women with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Women with BPD are kryptonite to men going through mid life crises. Just as sailors are powerless to resist the enchanting songs of … Continue reading

I am a Ghost

Replacing me was so very easy for you– too easy, like buying a new part at the store. Proving that I was not special or unique, just another temporary presence. I am a ghost, and will always haunt. “Once in a lifetime love!” you sobbed with joy– what a fool I was to believe in … Continue reading

What’s Going On with All The Siren Stuff?

When I think of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women, I think of Sirens. That is what’s going on with all the siren stuff. I was perusing this site called Gettinbetter.com. It is maintained by a lady named Shari Shreiber, M.A. –I’m not sure what the “M.A.” stands for, but the stuff she is writing about … Continue reading

The Sirens Lie

The Sirens Lie All alone it’s here that I lay, Deep in the ocean I am tucked away, Everyday I’m seen by humanity, But even now you’re blind with vanity,