Alabama at LSU Inspires Best Football Article Ever!

You are not allowed to be my friend unless you read “Gimme an F…!” before Saturday.

Let’s see, if I read AT LEAST one sports article every morning with my coffee, and at least one during my lunch break, then over the course of my career I have read approximately 5 bazillion sports articles. And out of those 5 bazillion articles, Wright Thompson‘s “Gemme an F…!” stands above all the rest. It is, without a doubt, the best sports article I have ever read.

Wright Thompson wrote “Gemme an F…!” when Nick Saban‘s Crimson Tide first visited LSU in 2008.  And in 2012…NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

As I type I am watching a DVRed 30 for 30 film on ESPN, called Ghosts of Ole Miss, also written by Wright Thompson. This episode is touching and excellent as well…

It is good but not as good as his Gemme and F…! piece. Do yourself a favor and read the article until you understand what a ditch digging coonass does with a spinning wheel of death. And then, once you understand the flavor of the region, get ready for a damn good football game Saturday night!

No Ladies, this is not an Xs and Os article. This is your last chance to click the link to read the article. Why have you not already clicked this link?

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