How Good is Good Enough? (Pt. 1 of 2)

This is a true “web-log” entry recounting my personal experience as I reenter with world of dating. I created this blog to purge these thoughts from my mind, regardless of who reads them. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing this, and yet I know it is therapeutic to get it out of my mind. I will create a category for these entries called “Dating Log”. Here goes nothing

While in marriage purgatory, I am comfortable window shopping for women I am interested in dating once I escape. I am also somewhat comfortable (but not 100%) going on “just friends” type dates with no big time romance involved. But I have mixed emotions about straight up dates.

On one hand, I feel with only 26 days to go, I should just stick it out and not see anyone. Why not wait 26 more short days?

On the other hand, I need to do everything I can to get out of this house. It is suffocating. We bicker about minutia details of splitting expenses (flex spending, cell phone bill, DVD players, speakers, etc…), there are yelling matches daily. That is not healthy for the kids or us. So despite all the nauseating advice I get from women along the lines of “you need to focus on getting your shit together“, or “you need time to heal“…I know that I am a powder keg about to go postal if I don’t get the fuck out of this house and blow off some steam. So I have mixed emotions about dating. I am flip-flopping back in forth on the subject every time the wind blows. Enter Fannie…


Fannie is a woman I have been talking to on POF.  (I know, POF sucks. Will create Match or OK Cupid profiles once I escape purgatory.)  Here is the bottom line with Fannie:

  • PROS: She photographs well. She is not a clinger. Is not judgmental about my fucked-up home life situation. We have common interests. She will do a threesome (GGB of course) and has the friend to do it.  Believe it or not is not as trampy/slutty as she sounds despite the fact we have discussed threesome. I trust that she is clean and will remain that way. She lives an hour away, which happens to be the perfect distance given my current status. (Note: Thank you God for making 50 Shades of Grey so popular as I reenter singlehood.)
  • CONS: She is one of those that does not look as good in real life as she does in her pictures. There is no real chemistry. She is older than me and the age difference shows (She is 49, I am 41.)

Fannie invited me to hang out with her friends at a football party centered around the BAMA at LSU game. I was very flattered to be invited, but had mixed emotions about going. On one hand this is the perfect chance for me to get out of the house and meet some new people. On the other hand…I was just uncomfortable.

Part 2 will be published tomorrow. Once again this is me excersizing my own length quota in a self-control exercise designed to keep me from spending too much time on this blog!

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