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I am a Ghost

Replacing me was so very easy for you– too easy, like buying a new part at the store. Proving that I was not special or unique, just another temporary presence. I am a ghost, and will always haunt. “Once in a lifetime love!” you sobbed with joy– what a fool I was to believe in … Continue reading

What’s Going On with All The Siren Stuff?

When I think of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) women, I think of Sirens. That is what’s going on with all the siren stuff. I was perusing this site called Gettinbetter.com. It is maintained by a lady named Shari Shreiber, M.A. –I’m not sure what the “M.A.” stands for, but the stuff she is writing about … Continue reading

The Sirens Lie

The Sirens Lie All alone it’s here that I lay, Deep in the ocean I am tucked away, Everyday I’m seen by humanity, But even now you’re blind with vanity,