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Smooth’s Alpha Interviews Beta

Smooth’s Alpha Interviews Beta

Wasn’t it a waste of time to try to reason with a narcissist?

Yes. The paradox of the letter is that I was asking a narcissist to not be narcissistic and empathize with me. This is like like asking a deaf person to describe sound. Futile. Continue reading

On Use of the Word ‘Bitch’

On Use of the Word ‘Bitch’

Abracadabra, hocus pocus, alakazay;

It’s not what you do that matters, it’s what I say.

I called you a bitch and now you’re free,

of all annoying accountability. Continue reading

Smooth’s Rules Put to Test

I have spent the last six months philosophizing and theorizing about various aspects of dating on this blog. Along the way I have developed certain dating “rules”. As my relationship with H ends, it occurs to me that it is a good time to see how some my rules worked when actually put into practice … Continue reading

When Common Sense Meets Advice Columns

Originally posted on Free Northerner:
I enjoy reading advice columnists. I check out Dear Prudence at Slate and a couple columns from my local papers regularly and Dear Wendy on occasion. I do not read them for the advice. The advice tends to be either common-sense (don’t date that abusive, alcoholic, unemployed jerk seems to…