Midlife crisis poster childI’m a middle aged guy who is entering the world of singledom after an almost 20 year marriage. If I get a convertible and a Speedo I’ll be the mid-life crisis poster boy.  (A fact I am not proud of at all.)

This web-log will focus on my reentry into the world of dating….

…and anything else I want to talk about really. Hell, I don’t know, I just had some thoughts I needed to purge so here I am. If you want to learn more about me you can click on the “Personal” category and help yourself to some TMI.

They say that a good landing is any landing you can walk away from. Here’s hoping I don’t crash this bachelor thing into the ground like big flaming lawn dart.

Feel free to email me at smoothreentry at gmail dot com.


  • 3/28/2013 – I took down the picture of the hairy-backed bald guy because I felt sorry for him. 

24 thoughts on “About

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    • I follow both your blogs Private Man. You are a pseudo-celebrity amongst a certain group. I am obviously still learning. Although I doubt we 100% agree on things, I am very flattered you stopped by and greatly appreciate the tweet!

      If you see me writing about a any topic that you’ve written about before, please feel free to post a link. I wish more bloggers would do that…

      Thanks again!

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  3. Hello Smooth!

    Thank you for agreeing to join our Stop Whining Twelve Step, Twelve Week Challenge community. Also, thank you for agreeing to be my “behind the scenes” mentor (of sorts). I look forward to seeing if this challenge works for those of us who jump on board. I’m also very curious to learn what your goals are and how you hope to go about meeting them. This should be fun!

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