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Smooth’s Rules Put to Test

I have spent the last six months philosophizing and theorizing about various aspects of dating on this blog. Along the way I have developed certain dating “rules”. As my relationship with H ends, it occurs to me that it is a good time to see how some my rules worked when actually put into practice … Continue reading

Smooth’s Friendzone Countermeasures ~ Part 2

Today I make good on my promise to deliver effective countermeasure tactics to a friend-zone attack. The tactics do not work unless you fully understand and believe with all your heart that anything is better than being friend-zoned. Anything. The friend-zone is hell on earth. It should be avoided at all cost. Okay guys, here … Continue reading

How Many to Date At Once?

How Many to Date At Once?

The way the dating game is played nowadays is like an episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette, with people openly sharing that they are interested in more than one person. Unlike The Bachelor, most of us don’t have the deep pockets of a hit television show backing us. We don’t have the luxury of putting … Continue reading