My Eyeglasses Fetish

There is no getting around it, I’ve got a thing for glasses. Glasses on women are plain hot. I am hardly alone in my fetish, as many guys seem to appreciate the hot librarian look. Here are the top reasons why:

1) Glasses are SOPHISTICATED

I thought my brain had permanently type-cast Jennifer Aniston as the shallowest character from Friends–the ultimate self centered shopaholic. But check her out in glasses! Doesn’t she look more worldly now?

2) Glasses are MATURE

Mature is a good thing. Men don’t want to think of cute little girls as sexy. They want a grown woman.

3) Glasses are CONFIDENT

Confidence is sexy. Hidden statement: Yea, I know that men are tripping over themselves fawning over Kim Kardashian or  whoever. Screw that. I don’t play that game.

4) Glasses are INTELLIGENT

Why Wendy Nix ever takes her glasses off is beyond me. She is way more stunning with them on.

5) Glasses are MYSTERIOUS

Who is the real woman behind the mask? Is this just a hidden exterior put out for public display, and the real person underneath has a dirty little secret? Perhaps she secretly likes to tie men up and make them tell the truth?

6) Glasses are a MOOD INDICATOR

As an accessory glasses can be used as a prop to send non-verbal signals to your man. Keep them tightly on and he may get the clue you aren’t in the mood for company. A flirty look over the top of the glasses might say, “I’m getting feeling frisky, are you?”.  Putting the rims in the corner of your mouth might mean, “I want to make you squirm, because I can”. Or the quick swipe removal of them that says “alright MFer, I want it hard and I want it now”…the glasses literally have to come off because it is about to go full contact.

Having a little extra help reading your moods can be attractive to us men. Because, you know, we are pigs and pretty clueless without help.


More than likely my glasses fetish is due to some repressed memory from my boyhood, and these are mere attempts to justify how I already feel. Did a teacher look up from grading her stack of papers, her eyes catching mine as she gazed over the rims of her glasses, giving me a momentary glimpse into her private thoughts? Maybe a hot librarian bent over to get a book and I gazed a little too long? If so, then other boys must have had similar experiences, because guys dig glasses.

On a final note I am going to send a shout out to fellow blogger Terri Jensen, whose Gravatar shows the complete package of the glasses look. She looks intelligent, confident, sexy, and learned. Terri is a more experienced writer and blogger than me, and I could probably could learn much from her in that department. Her picture makes me wonder what else she could teach me…

29 thoughts on “My Eyeglasses Fetish

  1. I’m walking around wearing contacts and sporting reading glasses on my head. It’s not a great look 🙂 Time to embrace the sexy, mature look you celebrate here!

  2. Wow! this inspires me bigtime. IGrowing up, I have been known to be the girls with glasses. I saw it as somethingnot ordinary and was hoping I don’t have to wear them. But now, I guess i will switch to a picture of me complete with glasses!

  3. Reblogged this on cotswoldsgirl and commented:
    As a glasses-wearing girl (anonymous so no photo… but black thick-rimmed Chanel in case you’re trying to imagine) I loved this article. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll wear my specs with pride, and a pair of seamed stockings…

    Thanks SmoothReEntry for this gift to all short- and long-sighted ladies!

    • I don’t know that the seamed stockings and the glasses mix. Part of the sexiness of glasses is the wolf in sheep’s clothing/conservative on the outside with secret inner frustrations about to boil over appeal….but feel free to send pics and we will let you know what we think. 😉

      • Damn. The stockings, satin basque, and sheer negligee were too much on top of my glasses for the office? No wonder I can’t get the boy I like. Back into my polo neck jumpers then for me!

  4. I love this blog. Good to know. Now I don’t feel so bad about men telling me I look like a teacher and a librarian. My glasses look very similar to a few of those in the pics above.

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  6. I am all for praising women in glasses (obviously!) but I have to point out that some of us are so short sighted that removing them as an indicator to be ravished is simply not practical – glasses may be sexy, but squinting to see your date across the table is not!

  7. You and me both! When I was younger and heard a girl complain bitterly “boys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses” I usually responded “I do!”

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  9. Reblogged this on LDNdater and commented:
    I don’t reboot, but I was thinking about posting on this very subject and Mr Reentry says everything that needs to be said. In summation: chicks in specs are hot! 🙂

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