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Does this man know his own race?

To cap off Smooth Reentry Blog’s friend-zone week, I will ask a question that has puzzled me since I first saw this video: Does this man know is own skin color? Also, Starbucks must love this guy. Can you say “high strung”? This guy is funny though. This is one of those that gets funnier … Continue reading

Guest Post: Staying Out of The Friendzone

Guest Post: Staying Out of The Friendzone

By: Christie Hartman, PhD In honor of friendzone week, Smooth thought it prudent to seek opinion of a legitimate expert. Thanks to Dr. Hartman making a guest appearance here. The Friend Zone The Friend Zone refers to that place where someone you’re interested in likes you but doesn’t want to take the relationship to the next … Continue reading

Miss X and the Friendzone

Chin Up, Chest High usually brings a more balanced prospective to things than Smooth. Because he is an independent thinker, I thought I would reblog his thoughts on the friendzone.

Should you Friendzone an Ex?

Originally posted on Inkatheart:
            An Ex is someone you’ve been emotionally, physically, and entirely connected to in the past. When ending a  relationship, you might feel like or be advised to break up without resentment and get comfortable with being friends. While this works for some people, it doesn’t for…

Don’t be a Can of Beans!

Don’t be a Can of Beans!

The past couple of day’s we’ve discussed advanced tactics to counter friendzone attacks. This covered situations when she tries to banish you to the friendzone. During that series we did not cover scenarios in which the man failed to make a move early. Why is that scenario so different? Because if you didn’t make a … Continue reading

Do Women Get Friend-zoned?

Do women get friend-zoned? If so, why don’t we ever read about it? My personal opinion is that women do, in fact, get friend zoned. Believe it or not I have put women in the friend-zone. The conditions are ripe for me friend-zoning a woman when she is still emotionally connected to different guy. When … Continue reading

Smooth’s Friendzone Countermeasures ~ Part 2

Today I make good on my promise to deliver effective countermeasure tactics to a friend-zone attack. The tactics do not work unless you fully understand and believe with all your heart that anything is better than being friend-zoned. Anything. The friend-zone is hell on earth. It should be avoided at all cost. Okay guys, here … Continue reading

Originally posted on lifeofalovergirl:
Many people, both men and women, seem more threatened by the idea of a threesome with two men and a woman than one involving two women. I’m not sure why that is. I could speculate, but instead I’m going to relay my own adventures because personally I LOVED being the center…

What is the Correct Spelling of “Friend-zone”?

I’ve spent an entire week writing about the friend-zone and I don’t even know the correct way to spell it. What is the correct way to spell the friend-zone? Friend-Zone Friend-zone friend-zone Friend Zone friend zone Friendzone friendzone Our little community should discuss and officially decide the correct way to write “friend-zone”. Let’s talk about … Continue reading

Redflagged and Banished to the Friendzone

Redflagged and Banished to the Friendzone

Next week is friend-zone week here at the Smooth Reentry Blog. That’s right, all next week will be dedicated to discussing the hated friendzone. It will be friend-zone discussion galore! Next week I’m going to publish, what I believe to be, my best written post to date. It is on the subject of unfriending on … Continue reading