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When To Become Facebook Friends?

Men, assume you are flirting with a woman on an online dating site. Things are going well but she is on the fence about meeting you. Is it a good tactic to become Facebook friends so that she can be reassured you aren’t a creeper? If so, what are the risks? Note: I have my … Continue reading

How Many Pictures to Include in a Dating Profile?

Here is my Question du Jour: How many pictures can one post on an online dating profile without coming across as a narcissist? In my opinion the best profiles not only show what the person looks like, but also pictorially depict what the person’s life is like.  Too many pictures and you come across a self absorbed narcissist. Too few … Continue reading

A Flattering Mention

A Flattering Mention A fellow blogger I am flirting with (trying to flirt with at least) mentioned our conversation on her blog. Not that I had any deep insights to offer or anything, but I find it flattering that something I said could be thought provoking enough for her to mention on her blog. I … Continue reading