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Steak or Threesome Part IX: Epilogue

This is the final post in the Steak or Threesome series. Click here to start at the beginning. To say I am disappointed that the threesome didn’t happen is the understatement of the century. I was SO CLOSE. I had it within reach, yet it only teased me and slipped out of my grasp right … Continue reading

A Cougar With No Claws

Let me introduce you to Nancy. Nancy is the woman who asked me out. Yes, SHE asked ME out. It was pretty gutsy of her to tell you the truth. Her assertiveness paid off too… I started talking to her on POF. I was goofing around on the laptop, looking for a distraction while in … Continue reading

Shit Southern Women Say, Part 2

The Southern women are back. In case you missed it, here is Part 1. The hot redhead appears to be a legitimate actress by the name of Julia Fowler. Here is her bio on IMDB. I am guessing these videos are a smart pitch for reality TV show. If Duck Dynasty can do it so … Continue reading

Yes…yes…YES to more sex!

What a great article! Thoughts: A) Any woman who resembles this, please contact me. I have Cialis and know how to use it. B) Thank you God for letting me be single during this era. C) I am sure I am only interested due to being sexually repressed for 18 years. After I get it … Continue reading