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The Masters of Smooth

The Masters of Smooth

Yesterday I confessed to handling an awkward situation rather poorly. I got uptight, lost my cool, and was not smooth at at all. That little episode got me reminiscing of movie scenes in which men handled awkward situations gracefully. Smoothly, if you will. What follows are some samplings that came to mind, in no particular order, that … Continue reading

How My Heart Aches for Thee, Bro

I’ve been going about this all wrong. I deserve true love that can be depended on. Why have I been searching or that special woman? It’s an act in futility. With the advent of online dating, women can get online anytime they want and get a young stud like ordering fries off a menu. They … Continue reading

What Facial Hair Style do Women Really Like?

Welcome to Movember…a month where, in the name of men’s health awareness, men have an excuse to be slobs and not shave. Raising awareness of men’s health issues is a noble cause. Naturally, I will not be writing about that. As I enter singledom, how cool facial hair is or isn’t is my chief concern–prostate … Continue reading