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How Many Men to Juggle? (RM 3 of 4)

Now that I have listed the four types of men, I am going to modify Deliberately Delicious’s original question and ask how many men should you you juggle at one time? Obviously, this question relevant for the ladies who are still in search of The Full Package. Let’s take a look a common situation. 1 … Continue reading

WANTED: Flirting Critic

In the past few days I have lost three women I was flirting with. They all went dark. They are: The 23 year old I mentioned yesterday. Another divorcee that is possibly the full package. It is bizarre. We agreed to go on a trip to get away and she was all excited. HER IDEA. … Continue reading

How Good is Good Enough? (Pt. 1 of 2)

This is a true “web-log” entry recounting my personal experience as I reenter with world of dating. I created this blog to purge these thoughts from my mind, regardless of who reads them. I am SO UNCOMFORTABLE doing this, and yet I know it is therapeutic to get it out of my mind. I will … Continue reading

Escaping Purgatory (Pt II, Main)

Click here to read my rambling preview, an attempt to work into the Escaping Purgatory topic… What is marriage purgatory? Marriage purgatory is when you know your marriage is done but still live in the same house. For many many practical reasons, couples get stuck in marriage purgatory. I actually have two clients who are … Continue reading

Closed Minds and Short Fuses

Here is some advice from online dating expert Rachel DeAlto, “…Keep an open mind”. It is amazing how many woman avoid me like the plague because I have “separated” status. Hey–I understand. My status isn’t sexy. My status is full of buzz-killing pragmatic issues. We’re talking real-world crap that you’ll never see in a Disney … Continue reading