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More Tips on Dating with a Pet

Today I offer more tips on how to keep your pets from chasing away men. Click here to view yesterday’s post. 5) DON’T KISS THE DOG – As I have already confessed, I am guilty of making most of these mistakes personally. Kissing the dog is at the top of my embarrassing mistakes list. I … Continue reading

Are Your Pets Chasing Men Away?

I will now humbly submit tips on how to keep your pet from sabotaging a date with a man. 1) CLEAN THE LITTER BOX – Turn the lights down low, but on some Barry White, and enjoy the ambiance of cat turds displayed in the most disgusting way possible. Recently I visited a lady friend who … Continue reading

Are You Blinded By Love of Your Pet?

Years ago my Ex and I got our first dog, a young Boston Terrier. Like many young couples are prone to do, we treated the pet like our first child. We spoiled that animal rotten. Our reason for being was to tend to the animal’s every need and make it happy. We thought it was … Continue reading