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Should “Girlfriend” Status be the Final Destination?

Should “Girlfriend” Status be the Final Destination?

Studly manosphere blogger Free Northerner wrote an excellent post called Thoughts On Avoiding LTRs, in which he asserts that “girlfriend” is the no-man’s land of relationships. He makes the case that marriage or a sequence of short-term relationships are superior alternatives to having a “girlfriend”. He was expanding on his previous assertion that: If you’re looking … Continue reading

Escaping Purgatory (Pt II, Main)

Click here to read my rambling preview, an attempt to work into the Escaping Purgatory topic… What is marriage purgatory? Marriage purgatory is when you know your marriage is done but still live in the same house. For many many practical reasons, couples get stuck in marriage purgatory. I actually have two clients who are … Continue reading

Escaping Purgatory (Pt 1, Preview)

This morning I am going to take a step outside my comfort zone. I am going to talk about personal stuff. My nose is literally crunched up as I type as if there is a terrible smell in the room. There is not really a bad smell of course–it is just an involuntary Pavlov’s reaction … Continue reading