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Questioned by a Leggy Slut

Questioned by a Leggy Slut

Q&A with Off Go the Panties and Smooth. P: What is your favorite mythological villain (or group of villains) and why? S: Sirens. To me, sirens represent women with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). Women with BPD are kryptonite to men going through mid life crises. Just as sailors are powerless to resist the enchanting songs of … Continue reading

Seven Halloween Observations

As I sit on the sofa after another successful year of trick-or-treating, I offer seven random observations from the Halloween evening. Note: The images are linked to their sources in most cases. 1) Coolest Jack o’lantern setup ever. I’ll bet Disney didn’t come up with that! ( ZING! ) 2) My Name Is Earl?

My Eyeglasses Fetish

There is no getting around it, I’ve got a thing for glasses. Glasses on women are plain hot. I am hardly alone in my fetish, as many guys seem to appreciate the hot librarian look. Here are the top reasons why: 1) Glasses are SOPHISTICATED