Bad Tattoo Grammar

Here is the story of a college student who lost a bet and got a tattoo. I pass this along just because of the apostrophe. I know there are some Red Pen Police / Grammar Snobs around that care about this stuff. I presume the y’all will find the placement of the apostrophe humorous.

I could say thank goodness it is a Texas A&M fan and not an Alabama fan. But honestly, excluding Vanderbilt, what SEC school doesn’t have a student that would make a similar mistake? We are good at football, not punctuation.

Actually, Ole Miss and Missouri students probably wouldn’t do this. So I will correct my earlier statement and say this could easily happen at 11 of the SEC’s 14 schools.

Question: What would you do if you had a drunk one night stand with this guy and saw his tattoo in the morning? How would you react?


3 thoughts on “Bad Tattoo Grammar

  1. I’m definitely one of those “Grammar Nazis” (I teach high school English) so that apostrophe is driving me crazy. That and the fact that the tattoo is trashy looking to begin with…

    • I am shocked you can stand to read my blog if you are a Grammar Nazi.

      Yes, as an English teacher I can see where an ill placed apostrophe would drive you crazy.

      And as a heterosexual American baseball fan, I can see where having said apostrophe on another dude’s hairy ass probably doesn’t help either. 😉

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