Shout Outs Everyone Can Enjoy

versatileblogger11As I kid, I never wrote a single chain letter. Nor have I ever forwarded the email ones (remember the Bill Gates hoax?). You know, the ones old people with no internet sense used to send you….I’ve also never participated in any of the Facebook shout out type activities that are pervasive there. But the blogger awards chain letters are different. Reciprocating links are a good thing for blogs, and I consider the shout outs flattering, even if it is just a chain letter. So I participate, even though I’m an old fuddy-duddy.

Today’s chain letter is the Versatile Blogger Award that comes to Smooth ReEntry via How To Date In Las Vegas . Thank You Ms. Vegas for thinking of this blog. Even if it is just a chain letter, it feels good to know someone took the time to post a link to my blog, so thank you. No BS.

More importantly, I love the way Ms. Vegas and I are able to respectfully disagree on issues as we discuss dating topics. To me, being able to discuss and constructively disagree on different issues is what a a good blogging community is all about. So thank you Ms. Vegas for being a citizen, especially here at Smooth ReEntry!

[She is wrong when she disagrees with me of course, but still! She embodies what a good blogging community is all about! 😉 ]

Click here to read interesting things about Smooth.


Unlike the mysterious Liebster Award, the Versatile Blogger Award has a site that tells us a little about it.

You would think that being “versatile” would be a component of receiving the Versatile Blogger Award. But nope–no prerequisites, or numbers of followers, or anything like that. These are just blogs I think you should check out.


My Nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award are:

  1. Rebuliding Rob – Private Site–when you follow link you should be able to request access. If you have any problems getting permission please post a comment below.
  2. Chin Up Chest High – Another comrade going through life changes. An independent thinker.
  3. New Single Guy – Yet another new bachelor.
  4. Harsh Reality – The author, “An Opinionated Man”, has only had this blog since January and it is kicking Smooth ReEntry’s ass!
  5. Cotswold Girl – English unicorn with good taste in music.
  6. Dating Fresh – Maybe if I study 20 somethings enough I’ll be able to land a date with one?
  7. 87 lbs and Counting – Cute girl changes her life.
  8. – I recommend the Elettra Speaks section.
  9. Life of a Lover Girl – Will make you blush.
  10. Single Girl Problems Dot Com – This is one of my personal favorites. Please visit this site and post a comment on a post of your choice. We want her to keep posting.
  11. MoNayz – Mo and Nay have disappeared on us. Please go post a comment and ask what’s up! Anytime a dating blogger goes dark, I wonder if they are getting laid.
  12. 43 & Single – Easy to see the similarity.
  13. Confessions of an Online Dater – Are you noticing a niche’ trend here?
  14. Tell Me A Fable – The girl’s got spunk. She needs to fill out her “about” section though.
  15. Off Go The Panties – A leggy blond spins out of control. And likes it.

The Rules

Go here to see the official rules.


21 thoughts on “Shout Outs Everyone Can Enjoy

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  2. Thanks for the shout out, I feel very honoured! 😀 For the record my blog is mostly about mental health but it slips into dating from time to time because it has been one of my “issues” surrounding the breakdown of my marriage. I know it is not something that most men like to talk about but I’m an open forum and won’t judge or make anyone feel stupid.

  3. “Maybe if I study 20 somethings enough, I’ll be able to land a date with one…” You are getting funnier and funnier!

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