Star Trek: Shows LGBT don’t Belong in Military

Gay Star TrekBefore I explain my assertion that Star Trek is illustrating why women and homosexuals don’t belong in active military combat, please allow me to set the stage with background information.

PHASE II  There is a web series of Star Trek fan films called Phase II. As a fan of The Original Series (TOS), I have to admit that I thoroughly enjoy Phase II.

That’s right! I said it! I watch Phase II, and I enjoy the hell out of it. I think if you grew up watching Star Trek reruns in the 70s and 80s, then you will like it too.

It is fascinating to me hat an Elvis impersonator built a Star Trek set in his garage, records new episodes of a 1960s TV show, gets a fellow nerd in Germany to create the special effects, and delivers damned impressive results. All for the fun of it.

LGBT in Star Trek  One of the concepts of Star Trek is social tolerance and understanding. For example, the first interracial kiss was on TOS when Kirk kissed Uhura. In the 90s on a TNG episode, Riker falls in love with an androgynous person. Click here to read Wikipedia’s summary of LGBT issues in Star Trek, but for now please accept as a general truth that the LGBT community relates to Star Trek and its moral messages of being accepting of everyone.

BLOOD AND FIRE  Phase II has a two part episode called Blood and Fire. One of the subplots of the episode revolves around two male crewmen in love.  I will post the Youtube link on the tail of this post. 

James Cawley as Kirk in Star Trek: Phase II.

James Cawley as Kirk in Star Trek: Phase II. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

PERFECT ILLUSTRATION — To me, the episode illustrates exactly why romance does not belong in the military. People are supposed to be focused on their jobs, and that is hard to do when you are watching your love one get hurt or killed. 

This episode clearly illustrates why romance doesn’t belong in the military. We live in a free society, but the military is the antithesis of freedom. Officers do not need to worry about lover’s quarrels when giving orders.

I am guessing this assertion disappoints those who made this episode, as they were probably trying to make a statement about being accepting of gay marriage. But to me the take-away is that romance does not belong in the military. And if you put women and straight men together on a ship, or gay men together, romance is going to happen.

Romance complicates military efficiency, and that is a complication our enemies will not be burdened with.

Watch the episode below and tell us what you think!

MORE GAY TREK — If you want to see Star Trek with homosexual characters, the fan series called Hidden Frontier is the series for you. As a Trekker, but not Trekkie, I couldn’t watch more than a few seconds of Hidden Frontier. But if LGBT themed subplots interest you more than cool space battles, that is the series for you. I am going to stick with Phase II because I like to watch cool space battles as well as an Elvis impersonator that has Captain Kirk’s mannerisms nailed–not in a corny bad way either.

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