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A Dating Exercise For Women (Re-post)

Originally posted on The Private Man:
[I posted this just over three years ago. It needs to go viral.] A fair number of women read my blog and for this, I am pleased. Normally, I write my posts with a male audience in mind. This post is an exception. I want women to read this…

Ouch! A $6,000,000 Typo.

Writing about the Grammar Nazis inspired me to convey this story of a simple typo that cost Johnston & Johnston over six million dollars in revenue. Here is what happened: The instructions on a box of Sudafed 24 hour should contain instructions to swallow the tablet whole. What the instructions actually said was, “…do not … Continue reading

Clothes Make the Man

I watched Time Bandits with my son the other night. It’s been at least 25 years since I’ve seen that movie! I remember not being able to turn it off as a boy. It is funny watching movies as an adult that you last watched as a child. You notice all kinds of things that … Continue reading

Do Coffee Dates Work?

This morning I read a post titled, “The Worst Things to Do on a First Date“. What is number one on the list? Getting coffee! Naturally I read this article shortly after scheduling a coffee date with a woman I’d really like to impress. [Murphy’s Law strikes again!] My date is scheduled for Starbucks no … Continue reading

Characteristics of Effective Makeout Music

My self awareness meter isn’t the best. Therefore it is hard for me to self analyze what phase of recovery I am in currently.  Marriage Purgatory is behind me. My best guess is that this next phase I’m in will one day be referred to as my man whore phase. Considering my situation, it is … Continue reading

Originally posted on It's Not a
The hardest a woman has to work to get a date online. Internet dating is pretty much made for the ladies, right? All you’ve got to do is throw up a couple of pictures, string together a few sentences that aren’t totally cliche, and wait for…

To Cologne, or Not to Cologne…

Traditionally, I have never worn cologne. It just isn’t my style. But recently I was recalling a woman I dated many years ago who begged me to wear cologne as she loved it. If all women were like her I would bath in it every day. However, apparently not all women love cologne. While on … Continue reading

The Toothfairy’s Forgetful Foresight

Sometimes I amaze myself with my ability to think ahead and be prepared. I’m still packing away and found something else interesting. Not to be immodest, but apparently at some point I had the brilliant foresight to stash away an envelope of crisp bills so that the Tooth-fairy would always be ready. I mean, how … Continue reading

The Coffee Pot Melt Down

Today’s Bitch Session is about a coffee pot of all things. I’ve already complained about my lowball glasses, so why not add my coffee pot to the list? Let me share this disclaimer as well; As I type we are still a week out from moving. i.e., I am typing this before the “escape purgatory” … Continue reading

How to Date a Trekker Survival Guide

Yesterday we discussed the difference between a Trekker and a Trekkie. Today I will share some pointers on how to date a Star Trek fan. This article assumes you want to know enough to hold his or her interest, and want to have some social grace around this group. But I am also assuming that … Continue reading

And Then It Hit Me: I Married Rainman

I don’t know what category I should create for posts like these. Whine and Cheese? Pity Party? Bitch Sessions? — I think I’ll go with Bitch Sessions. Today’s Bitch Session started when I tried to do the polite thing and let my wife keep her cell phone on my account. This allows her to use … Continue reading

Yes…yes…YES to more sex!

What a great article! Thoughts: A) Any woman who resembles this, please contact me. I have Cialis and know how to use it. B) Thank you God for letting me be single during this era. C) I am sure I am only interested due to being sexually repressed for 18 years. After I get it … Continue reading

Originally posted on Become Awesome At Online Dating:
I got a request to write up a Match vs OkCupid post, and that’s just exactly what I’m going to do. In one corner, we have the hipster-cool OkCupid, (which is now owned by, although the founding team is still on board doing all the work.)…