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Rejected Big 10 Divisions

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On Friday, Big Ten Conference commissioner Jim Delaney announced that the much maligned Legends and Leaders divisions will mercifully go away for the 2014 season.  Legends and Leaders will be replaced by simple, geographically oriented divisions known simply as “East” and “West”. Thank God. Not only was the original…

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The hardest a woman has to work to get a date online. Internet dating is pretty much made for the ladies, right? All you’ve got to do is throw up a couple of pictures, string together a few sentences that aren’t totally cliche, and wait for…

College Football Armageddon (2 of 2)

Today the college football conversation continues, where I continue to advocate that only conference champions be eligible to compete in a national championship tournament. EXAMPLE Let’s once again look at the previously discussed rankings and examine them as if that were the end-of-the year rankings under a 4 team playoff system in which only conference … Continue reading

College Football Armageddon (1 of 2)

Let’s talk college football today. As I type the winner of the SEC Championship game (Bama vs Georgia) will play Notre Dame in the BCS National Championship. Most arrogant SEC fans [redundant, I know] are thinking, “Of course a SEC team will be in the big game. That is the way it is supposed to … Continue reading

Bad Tattoo Grammar

Here is the story of a college student who lost a bet and got a tattoo. I pass this along just because of the apostrophe. I know there are some Red Pen Police / Grammar Snobs around that care about this stuff. I presume the y’all will find the placement of the apostrophe humorous. … Continue reading

Seven Halloween Observations

As I sit on the sofa after another successful year of trick-or-treating, I offer seven random observations from the Halloween evening. Note: The images are linked to their sources in most cases. 1) Coolest Jack o’lantern setup ever. I’ll bet Disney didn’t come up with that! ( ZING! ) 2) My Name Is Earl?