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Random and Entertaining Facts about Smooth

Random and Entertaining Facts about Smooth

Eleven random facts about Smooth: 1) I wear Crocs. I know they aren’t cool but I do it anyway. No, I haven’t given up on life. They are comfortable and dry fast. Screw you world, I know what you think and I’m wearing them anyway. In public. 2) I am scared to dance. Mortified. It is … Continue reading

What Facial Hair Style do Women Really Like?

Welcome to Movember…a month where, in the name of men’s health awareness, men have an excuse to be slobs and not shave. Raising awareness of men’s health issues is a noble cause. Naturally, I will not be writing about that. As I enter singledom, how cool facial hair is or isn’t is my chief concern–prostate … Continue reading

My Eyeglasses Fetish

There is no getting around it, I’ve got a thing for glasses. Glasses on women are plain hot. I am hardly alone in my fetish, as many guys seem to appreciate the hot librarian look. Here are the top reasons why: 1) Glasses are SOPHISTICATED