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Smooth’s Rules Put to Test

I have spent the last six months philosophizing and theorizing about various aspects of dating on this blog. Along the way I have developed certain dating “rules”. As my relationship with H ends, it occurs to me that it is a good time to see how some my rules worked when actually put into practice … Continue reading

Guest Post: Staying Out of The Friendzone

Guest Post: Staying Out of The Friendzone

By: Christie Hartman, PhD In honor of friendzone week, Smooth thought it prudent to seek opinion of a legitimate expert. Thanks to Dr. Hartman making a guest appearance here. The Friend Zone The Friend Zone refers to that place where someone you’re interested in likes you but doesn’t want to take the relationship to the next … Continue reading

The Sadly Ironic Bachelor

Neckties, tissues, love-notes, and self-respect; all things girls on The Bachelor lost down their cleavage this season. Woe! Slow down a minute–Smooth, YOU watched THE BACHELOR? — Quite possibly the most corny, most cheesy, sappiest, gayest show on the entire planet? Yes–yes I am saying that I watched The Bachelor this season. I get the … Continue reading

How to Date a Trekker Survival Guide

Yesterday we discussed the difference between a Trekker and a Trekkie. Today I will share some pointers on how to date a Star Trek fan. This article assumes you want to know enough to hold his or her interest, and want to have some social grace around this group. But I am also assuming that … Continue reading

Trekker vs Trekkie

See Also: Trekkie vs Trekker: A Brief History This post is in response to a young lady who asked to be educated on the difference between a “Trekker” and a “Trekkie”. If you are not a science fiction fan and have, for example, been known to confuse Star Wars and Star Trek, then this post … Continue reading

Shit Southern Women Say, Part 2

The Southern women are back. In case you missed it, here is Part 1. The hot redhead appears to be a legitimate actress by the name of Julia Fowler. Here is her bio on IMDB. I am guessing these videos are a smart pitch for reality TV show. If Duck Dynasty can do it so … Continue reading

Best Bond Movies #1: Thunderball

Thunderball is to James Bond like Empire Strikes Back is to Star Wars. Released in 1965, it is the 4th Bond film. After the success of the first three Bond movies exceeded expectations, they decided to nut up and make the 4th one even more epic. Many will be surprised that Thunderball is at the … Continue reading

Best Bond Movies #3: Casino Royale

Casino Royale is the James Bond reboot movie, and boy was was a reboot badly needed at the time. Released in 2006 it was about 10 years overdue. To put this movie into perspective, I cannot emphasize enough how terrible its predecessor was, Die Another Day. Die Another Day was a hokey joke. Of that … Continue reading

Top 5 Bond Movies-Intro

Today I watched the newest James Bond movie, Skyfall. First off, let me get this out of the way: The movie is very very solid. I highly recommend seeing it in the theater. I assure you you will not be disappointed. Is Skyfall the best James Bond movie ever? — Many critics and viewers are claiming … Continue reading

Age Differences: How Low Can You Go?

Today’s Question Du Jour is: How much younger can you date before it is indecent? This topic came up during a Football Saturday/Man’s Night get together. It has become obvious that I have one particular friend, code-named Mark, who is looking forward to enjoying my bachelor experiences vicariously.

Paula Broadwell. Worth It?

Anytime a scandalous affair breaks out, the Smooth ReEntry blog is going to post pictures. Why? Because the public wants to know.  I will call the recurring series “Worth It?”. It will actually fall under the “Men Are Pigs” category, but let’s not kid ourselves–women want to check it out too. But us men will … Continue reading

Shit Southern Women Say

My apologies if this video is old news. I just saw it for the first time. I’ve heard every one of these quotes. I’ve heard them many times including, “Can you believe that bitch didn’t write a thank you note“. Unfortunately, “You’re not getting another boat” is very familiar to me. The redhead is hot. … Continue reading

Seven Halloween Observations

As I sit on the sofa after another successful year of trick-or-treating, I offer seven random observations from the Halloween evening. Note: The images are linked to their sources in most cases. 1) Coolest Jack o’lantern setup ever. I’ll bet Disney didn’t come up with that! ( ZING! ) 2) My Name Is Earl?

My Eyeglasses Fetish

There is no getting around it, I’ve got a thing for glasses. Glasses on women are plain hot. I am hardly alone in my fetish, as many guys seem to appreciate the hot librarian look. Here are the top reasons why: 1) Glasses are SOPHISTICATED

Trust But Verify, Cyberstalking Pt I

This is a great post from a young lady from down under who asks the question, “Is stalking wrong?”. The question she should be asking is “When is stalking stalking”? What she is calling stalking is what I call prudent due diligence.

Easy for Her to Say!

I know that women enjoy sharing sappy, sentimental, inspirational things with each other on Facebook. The sentiment here is hard to critisize–all women are beautiful inside and never lower your standards. Who can argue with that? I can. If you are an observer of life, you will find the humor in this. Let me share … Continue reading

Marketing Works

Marketing works. All that subliminal stuff works. I am cognitively aware that Christina Hendricks knows nothing about scotch whiskey