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The Sadly Ironic Bachelor

Neckties, tissues, love-notes, and self-respect; all things girls on The Bachelor lost down their cleavage this season. Woe! Slow down a minute–Smooth, YOU watched THE BACHELOR? — Quite possibly the most corny, most cheesy, sappiest, gayest show on the entire planet? Yes–yes I am saying that I watched The Bachelor this season. I get the … Continue reading

Which James Bond is Best in Bed?

Which James Bond is Best in Bed?

Which James Bond would be the best lover? There are just some enduring questions in life that demand exploration, and this is one of them. While writing about Bond films previously, I embedded video of a round table discussion considering the important question of, Which James Bond would go down on her? I think the … Continue reading

Best System for Code Names?

Today’s Question Du Jour is: What is the best system for code naming people in a blog? They best system I have seen is at the Deliberately Delicious blog. Ms. Delicious simply uses letters of the alphabet in sequential order. It is quite an effective system. Surely there are other simple yet effective methodologies out … Continue reading

Trekker vs Trekkie

See Also: Trekkie vs Trekker: A Brief History This post is in response to a young lady who asked to be educated on the difference between a “Trekker” and a “Trekkie”. If you are not a science fiction fan and have, for example, been known to confuse Star Wars and Star Trek, then this post … Continue reading

Best Bond Movies #1: Thunderball

Thunderball is to James Bond like Empire Strikes Back is to Star Wars. Released in 1965, it is the 4th Bond film. After the success of the first three Bond movies exceeded expectations, they decided to nut up and make the 4th one even more epic. Many will be surprised that Thunderball is at the … Continue reading

Age Differences: How Low Can You Go?

Today’s Question Du Jour is: How much younger can you date before it is indecent? This topic came up during a Football Saturday/Man’s Night get together. It has become obvious that I have one particular friend, code-named Mark, who is looking forward to enjoying my bachelor experiences vicariously.

What Facial Hair Style do Women Really Like?

Welcome to Movember…a month where, in the name of men’s health awareness, men have an excuse to be slobs and not shave. Raising awareness of men’s health issues is a noble cause. Naturally, I will not be writing about that. As I enter singledom, how cool facial hair is or isn’t is my chief concern–prostate … Continue reading

Seven Halloween Observations

As I sit on the sofa after another successful year of trick-or-treating, I offer seven random observations from the Halloween evening. Note: The images are linked to their sources in most cases. 1) Coolest Jack o’lantern setup ever. I’ll bet Disney didn’t come up with that! ( ZING! ) 2) My Name Is Earl?

Crossing The Line, Cyberstalking Pt II

In Part 1 I made the case that being prudent is not the same as bonafide stalking. In Part II I will discuss when the line is crossed into the realm of true creeper stalking. Tomorrow we will conclude the series with real-life examples. We all use the term “stalking” loosely in day-to-day conversation.