Dear Entitlement Princess, What’s In It For Me?

Hi folks. I wrote a book that I’m revising, so I haven’t been posting much. I just impulsively wrote this email to a woman I’m chatting with, and thought I’d include y’all in the conversation.   
This thought came to mind last night when you asked me what I was looking for, or something to that effect. But I was lying in bed and couldn’t express this thought while on ambien/scotch. Anyway, here is an actual email I got yesterday in a similar conversation:

“Your answer was pretty vague. I’ll try to be a little more detailed. I would love to find a gentleman who believes in old-fashioned chivalry and courtship. I want to be the singular object of his affection. I am looking for someone who wants kids, and a lot of them, and who has a similar viewpoint on parenting as I do. I want a man of faith who is a strong leader but who also appreciates and seeks my point of view and opinion. I want him to be a decision maker and passionate about what he does (whatever it is). I want his first priority to be his family, not his career or attaining wealth or possessions. I want him to have a wonderful sense of humor and keep me laughing as well as to have an open, curious mind that looks at things from different perspectives. I want him to be a little quirky. I want him to challenge himself and always challenge me. I want him to be smart enough that I know I can trust his judgement and I want him to take care of me. I want him to have a love of adventure and a quiet restlessness that leads him to explore and travel and never be satisfied with a routine. I want him to be gentle and kind and respectful and to know how to disagree without disparaging. I want him to make me feel beautiful and safe. There’s more of course but that’s a good starting point.”

First of all, this is an example of why I avoid younger women. I don’t want more children. So that is red flag #1.

Barring the more children thing, most of what she said is fine if you look at each individual sentence. But on the whole, she is a shining example of a southern entitlement princess who thinks men are put on the planet to make her happy. In her mind, if the man is good enough, and lucky enough, she will ‘let’ him take her out.

What this woman didn’t say in her email is: What’s in it for the man!

Keep in mind that she has children from a previous relationship. Why would I want the responsibility of living up to all those high expectations, while raising her kids, knowing that I will never be able to deliver the life she thinks she deserves because real life isn’t like a Disney movie? Walt Disney can kiss my white ass for brainwashing this generation with unreasonable expectations.

She thinks, because she is young and beautiful, that I should pursue her, and jump through these hoops so that in the end I might ‘get’ to have sex with her. Screw that! I want someone to desire me just as much as I desire them.

Here is what is going to happen to this girl: She wants a Prince Charming ’10’ of a man, and refuses to settle for less. The problem is that there are very few ’10’s in the world. Every human has one flaw or another. So a high maintenance woman with ticking biological clock and children from a previous marriage is probably not going to land a 10. Any 10 she lands will be a mirage. Meaning, she bought into the bullshit of a cheating liar; a ‘Fool’s 10’, but not the genuine article.

Eventually, she will decide that she will settle for a 7. Although, in her brain she won’t admit she is settling, because she has spent her life dodging the universal truth that the world is full of trade-offs. By the time she lowers her standards, the men that fit her criteria will be able to date women 20 years younger or older than them. The demand for the ‘good enough 7s’ that haven’t already been taken will be higher than ever. She will be frustrated because men are not pursuing her as she was brainwashed to believe they would.

But why should men pursue her? By this point the good enough 7 man has a casserole brigade of women pursuing him. And, after a life of being on the short end of virtually every inclusion paradox in existence, the man says fuck it. He’s ready for someone appreciate him for a change.

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