Top 10 Star Trek Voyager Episodes

PreyToday I will present the Top 10 Star Trek Voyager episodes.

I was denied the ability to watch the Star Trek Voyager consistently when it originally aired. Luckily, glorious streaming media on Roku and Amazon Prime has allowed me to catch up on the series all these years later. Due to Admiral Janeway’s brief appearance in Star Trek Nemesis, I assumed Voyager made it back to the Alpha Quadrant, but until now I never knew how!

I wasn’t able to watch the series when it originally aired. Considering the fact that was 18 years ago, I will grant my memory some leniency for not remembering the specifics of why I wasn’t able to watch. I seem to remember the only way I could view the UPN network back then was via rabbit ears. But I do remember watching the show with great interest when it first premiered, as I was deeply disappointed in Deep Space 9 and wanted a new Star Trek show to do well.  

Sometime around season two or three, I stopped watching the show altogether when I moved with my job. I don’t know if UPN wasn’t available on Direct TV at the time, or if I just lost interest in the show. It is too bad I quit watching because the quality seemed to improve in later seasons.

Sex sells. Even in space.

Sex sells. Even in space.

I used a deliberate process to get caught up on the show. I have no desire to watch all 172 episodes. Therefore, I did a simple Google search to find the best episodes. There are hundreds of “Top Voyager Episodes” posts on the web. Looking at these was very interesting, because there was very little little consistency with the various lists. Unlike TOS, opinions on the best Voyager episodes were all over the board.

However, these searches allowed me to filter out many of the terrible episodes, and narrow the options from 172 to around 30 or so. I watched these 30 episodes on Roku to make my final list. I now present to you my creme de la creme list of Voyager episodes.

Top 10 Voyager Episodes

10) Nemesis – Full Metal Chakotay. Unlike many Star Trek fans, I think the episode is decent. There are many others of similar quality that could fill the 10th spot however.  (Season 4).

9) Counterpoint – Features decent plot twists that doesn’t involve the holodeck or time travel. Therefore, it makes the cut. (Season 5)

8) The Void – One of my pet peeves with Star Trek is that they are always condemning capitalism at the same time they promote individual liberties, as if the two aren’t related. But free trade saves the day in this episode, and shows how it is in everyone’s best interest. ( Season 7)

7) Deadlock – I like episodes that involve death, destruction, and pyrotechnics. (Season 2)

6) Scorpion – Many consider this the best Voyage episode. Probably because they were starving for action at the time. (Season 3 to 4 cliffhanger)

5) Prey – This is a very cool episode. I don’t understand why it isn’t on more Top 10 lists. (Season 4)

4) Blink of an Eye – Textbook Trek done right. (Season 6)

3) TimelessEpisode has an edgier, tougher feel that I like. (Season 5)

2) Equinox – Very solid. (Season 5 to 6 cliffhanger)

1) Year of Hell – The series should have generally been more like this. (Season 4)


  1. I did not include the series finale episode titled “Endgame”. It is purposely omitted because, if you have watched the series much at all, you will be curious enough to watch the finale regardless of quality
  2. It could easily be argued that other episodes belong in the 8, 9, or 10 spots. There are several episodes similar in quality that could be substituted there.
  3. Click here to view other Star Trek posts.

What do you think of my rankings?

Dumbasses should have made more episodes like this! (In Red Forman voice of course.)

The Star Trek dumbasses should have made more episodes like this! (Said in Red Forman voice of course.)

3 thoughts on “Top 10 Star Trek Voyager Episodes

  1. Did you watch the entire Deep Space Nine Series? By the end of the run, it was neck-and neck (for me) with TNG as my favorite.I was grossly disappointed in Voyager overall for a multitude if reasons. I may have to write a post that myself…

    • I feel about DS9 the same way you feel about Voyager. No, I didn’t watch them all. If someone makes a Top 10 DS9 list I will definitely check them out!

      Incidentally, there are several ideas they are kicking around for new Star Trek TV shows. One of them is called “Captain Worf”…

  2. LOL, you lost me at “always condemning capitalism at the same time they promote individual liberties, as if the two aren’t related.” — Capitalism and individual liberties are indeed closely related: in an inverted relationship. You should catch up on Karl Marx and modern Marxist economists, philosophers and social critics, and you should do it yourself, not through the filter of your trusted Libertarian thought handler… smh lol

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