The Lucky Few

Blogging friend Ms. Panties is all fired up over her Twelve Step Challenge. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and with good reasons, for the Twelve Step Challenge is a damn good idea. Conceptually, Ms. Panties has my full support. I am all for enabling continuous improvement and peer support.

As for the specific twelve steps? — I’m not going to lie: There is no way I am going to do them.

What I will do is write twelve posts in twelve weeks that hopefully adds to the spirit of the idea. After you read about my blogging goals in a follow-up post, my half-assed participation will make more sense.

But first, per Ms. Panties instructions, I must pick a mentor. This is easy, because I already drafted Ms. Delicious long ago whether she knows it or not, or likes it or not.

Next, I pick three blogs that I’d like to see participate.

  1. Cheeky Diva – If she will play she will have helpful observations. She is sort-of busy moving though.
  2. Dating What-Not – A rising star.
  3. Rebuilding Rob – Why does a private blogger blog?

You three, please go check out the 12 Step Challenge. I encourage you to participate, even if in a limited capacity like me.

I’ll write about why I blog soon…

5 thoughts on “The Lucky Few

  1. Well, Smooth One, I am very honoured that I will be your mentor for this 12 Step Program. Hopefully this is a dating challenge and I can share my vast experience dating the entire alphabet. Unfortunately I’m no closer to finding Mr Right or even Mr Right Now, so as long as all you’re looking for is lots of fun dating, I’m your girl.

    • Ah, but I also happen to know that you have reached a comfortable balance with your blog in terms of what you put in and get out of it. That makes you a perfect candidate as a mentor. Hopefully I will be smart enough learn from your experiences.

      There might be better mentors, but they don’t look as good in black dress. So you are the easy pick. 😉

  2. Smooth–
    Thank you so much for including me in your list for this challenge. I look forward to reading your goals, checking out the 12/12 program, and writing. The writer’s block I’ve been feeling lately has me agitated, so hopefully Ms. Panties’ ideas (or yours) will help fix what feels broke. Just the ass-kicking I needed!

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