Rejected Big 10 Divisions

Nicely done article on Big 10 division names.

Feit Can Write

On Friday, Big Ten Conference commissioner Jim Delaney announced that the much maligned Legends and Leaders divisions will mercifully go away for the 2014 season.  Legends and Leaders will be replaced by simple, geographically oriented divisions known simply as “East” and “West”.

Thank God.

Not only was the original idea of splitting the conference up by non-geographic means ridiculous, the Legends and Leaders names were confusing – I guarantee there are passionate Big Ten fans out there who could not name the schools in their division, let alone remember if they were a Leader or a Legend.  But what bothered me the most was how incredibly arrogant those names sounded for a conference that already has a very strong “holier-than-thou” stigma.

I was in touch with one of my contacts at the Big Ten offices (a janitor named Rusty) who was kind enough to grab some of the rejected alignment maps…

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