Red Pill Dating Guru Helps Smooth

RPD-logo-with-tagline-2The guru at was kind enough to custom tailor some advice for me. I think his comment on the mental exhaustion that comes from game playing is spot on.

I agree that the 5 or 5 rule is more of a guideline than a rule. However, I create guidelines for a reason. I find it best to think through my personal boundaries in advance and stick to them, as opposed to being wishy-washy and making stuff up as I go. There has to be some litmus test if the relationship has potential based on well thought-out criteria, not just emotion of the moment. For me, if after after five weeks and five dates we aren’t frothing at the mouth to jump on each other, that is a red flag that the chemistry isn’t right for one reason or another. So I am going to stick to my 5 or 5 rule.

I greatly appreciate Red Pill’s advice. He makes some great observations. However, I was hoping for more specific action steps to take in order to maximize the chances of this thing working out. Yes, frankly, I want to be an ass and manipulate the situation as much as I can to get my way. That’s right, I’m a typical guy that thinks with his dick at times.

I think the answer lies in making her know that there is a time limit without ever saying a word. Just making her feel it by my actions and not words. I feel that is the answer to my dilemma. I just don’t know HOW to do that. Yet.

Please read the post and tell me what you think….

8 thoughts on “Red Pill Dating Guru Helps Smooth

  1. By calling it a 5 or 5 GUIDELINE, you are implying that there is some flexibility contained therein. I’m sure that if you see things progressing along the sexual trajectory, you won’t just drop somebody at 5 weeks or 5 date, because it is a GUIDELINE. Red Pill and the first commenter both seemed hung up on semantics.

    I’ve never watched “Sex in the City” but I can tell you that women think about it as much as guys do (well pretty close to “as much” anyway). We can woo them all we want, but I sincerely believe that women decide how far they’re willing to go with a guy VERY early on in any relationship. Also, they not blind. The can tell when we want to take things to that next proverbial level.

    I say the guideline is fine. Just remember it is a GUIDELINE and not a iron-clad rule.

    Stay strong, brother…

  2. So my immediate reaction? I thought of Livio, the handsome and unsuitable Italian suitor I had at one point, who had an Internet business selling “natural Viagra.” Big. Red. Pills. (Thanks for the memories…)

    But enough about me… You are putting a lot of pressure on yourself and someone else expecting that things have to progress according to your schedule. That being said, I’ve just had a frank conversation with somebody that went along the following lines: “So, six dates. Five kisses. Are you interested in me or what?”

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