Origins of the Liebster Award

blogaward-liebster-blog-logo1HISTORY OF THE LIEBSTER

Origins of the Liebster Award Chain Letter are a mystery. The best post I found on the subject is here, and the earliest post that blogger, in turn, found that references the Liebster is the German Bird of a Paradise Blog.

(Sidenote: Time based searches of blogs were tough for me. I could find old posts, but the search engines were not distinguishing between the body of the posts and sidebar content.)

I don’t speak German, but this is my best guess at what the German Blogger is saying about the Liebster: Pick 3-5 favorite blogs that have less than 3,000 readers. The goal is to bring attention to blogs that haven’t been discovered yet. 

That is fascinating stuff! In 2010 you were supposed to find 3-5 blogs that deserved more attention. In 2013 You list eleven. ELEVEN with less than 200 subscribers. Quite a difference! How do you go from 3-5 blogs to 11? And how do you go from 3,000 subscribers to 200?

Punish me if you must Ms. Panties, but I am going back old school on this thing and sticking with the basics.

I think it is highly unlikely that any of the bloggers I nominate will play along, but it is still a good exercise because I’m passing on links to cool blogs.


If I’ve nominated your blog for a Liebster, here are the rules should you choose to accept.

STEP 1: Pick one of my questions du jour and write a blog post about it on your blog. Here are some to choose from:

In your blog post link back to this post, as well as the original question-du-jour post that asks the question.

STEP 2: Pick 3 to 5 blogs with less than 3,000 followers. Write a post and nominate them for the award.

Have fun!

Tomorrow I will post my nominees.

17 thoughts on “Origins of the Liebster Award

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  8. I’m just looking into this thing, too. I got nominated and was, at first quite pleased and a bit flattered, and posted my answers. Then I got to think about the chain nature of this animal. By the way, the maximum number of followers dropped in the meantime down to 200.
    Interesting, how this evolved. But, obviously, there is no financial interest, and there is no harm in spreading the word about other cool blogs that are lesser known.
    I have two blogs, my German one was nominated.

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