Did you Just Call me a Liebster?

Dear Off Go The Panties,

Thank you for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. It is with great humility I accept this prestigious award. I will take great pleasure in proudly displaying this award on my blog. I honestly don’t know how to adequately show the depths of my gratitude, other than to once again say that you have my sincerest thanks.

Yours Truly,

Smooth ReEntry

PS: What the fuck is a Liebster?


With my proper thank you out of the way, let’s cut the bullshit and be real. The Liebster Award is a chain letter. I know it is a chain letter, and am participating anyway. I am participating because it is fun. I wish I was cool enough to not care, but I’m not that cool. I care, therefore I am participating in the chain letter.

(Some chick’s head just exploded. She was under the impression that men can’t be honest, but I just blew her fucking mind with the previous paragraph.)

Real awards are scarce. Real awards are given out by prestigious committees after careful deliberation. Or they mark a major milestone based on objective criteria that, by definition, says the recipient is the cream of the crop in the given endeavor.

This award is the opposite of that. With this award, everyone who is nominated gets to pick eleven more–ELEVEN!? Holy shit! This reminds me of the Catholic Church’s birth control policy….

Nevertheless, although I know exactly what this is all about, I am still extremely flattered that someone took the time to compliment the blog. I mean shit! I’ve published over 100 post over the last six months. It is good to know that at least on intelligent person out there might actually read one every once in a while.

cropped-face_shots_1111_112910_0799-001How do I know that Ms. Panties is intelligent? Because she picked my blog for the Liebster Award. Duh!…obviously, if she’s reading this blog, that makes her one of the smartest bloggers on wordpress.com . Because she has such excellent taste in bloggers, you should read her blog too: this and this are a couple of her posts I recommend.

Ms. Panties, as smart as you are, Ms. Vegas at How To Date In Las Vegas will always have a special place in my heart for taking my chain letter virginity. She was sweet and caring about it too….I just haven’t finished her post yet.

Back to the Liebster Award…it is a chain letter. I should be too cool for chain letters. But because somebody I’ve never met has recognized this blog, and that is pretty fucking cool, I am going to accept it anyway.

[Note: see Heather Christena Schmidt for implied criteria of how to accept a blog award.]

I’m going to accept it, be genuinely grateful, and proudly display it. (At least I will until/unless one day I really do become too cool for this shit.) But for now I am happy as I can be that I am actually participating in the blogging community.


When I saw this Liebster pingback I thought, What’d that girl just call me? A liebster? Did she just call me a lesbian lobster or something? WTF is a liebster anyway? 

I looked it up. “Liebster” is German for “dearest”.


The rules for the Liebster Award are to:

A. Thank the person who nominated you.

B. List 11 random facts about yourself.

C. Answer 11 question they asked you.

D. Nominate 11 other people and then ask them 11 questions of your making

Item A- This post.

Item B – Go here.

Item C – Go here.

Item D – Go here.

Three more items to go. I could knock them out right now if I wanted to–but no. I won’t.

In traditional Smooth ReEntry fashion, I am going to draw this process out with multiple posts. I like to be in control. I like the tension to build. Ms. Panties, you are going to have to come back every day. You will slowly enjoy these posts, one inch at a time. When, and only when, I am ready will you get to have more. And you will like it….

To be continued


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