Star Trek: Male Bondings and Curses

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Thank You The Big Bang Theory! Thanks to your Star Trek references, my son has finally developed an interest in the Star Trek franchise. I am particularly pleased that the show encourages the proper amount of reverence for the Spock character, and The Wrath of Khan movie, as this reverence backs up what I have been trying to teach the boy for years….

I have no doubt these important lessons will help him later in life. Big Bang Theory, you have given me the gift of quality father time with my son, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Streaming media on Roku has never been so enjoyable, as there has been some serious Father/Son bonding going on. It has been fun getting him up to speed on important Star Trek canonas I teach the boy the important lessons about being a Trekker. (But not Trekkie!)

As we have watched the movies, we naturally discuss which ones are the best. This is actually a well timed discussion as the buzz around Star Trek Into Darkness builds prior to its May 17, 2013 debut.  Into Darkness is the 12th official film in the Star Trek franchise, and fans are anxious to find out if the Odd Number Curse holds true.

Ironically, a Simon Pegg best explains the Odd Numbered Curse:

Sure as day follows night, sure as eggs is eggs, sure as every odd-numbered Star Trek movie is shit.” ~ Simon Pegg as character Tim Bisley prior to being cast as Scotty.

This Odd Numbered Curse will be talked about in coming weeks as fans anxiously await Star Trek Into Darkness, with excitement bursting over liked kids at Christmas. Fans will put forth predictions on how good the movie will be, and I am going to be no different. Beginning tomorrow, Smooth will attempt to get ahead of the curve and predict whether Star Trek Into Darkness is going to be good based on trends with the Odd Number Curse.

To be continued

2 thoughts on “Star Trek: Male Bondings and Curses

    • Thanks for the comment Miss Glasses–I think my regular readers are bumfuzzled by all the Star Trek this week, so please do come back tomorrow and Friday to check it out! I will be happy if at least one person reads about it LOL…

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