Miss X and the Friendzone

Chin Up, Chest High usually brings a more balanced prospective to things than Smooth. Because he is an independent thinker, I thought I would reblog his thoughts on the friendzone.

In The Mind of Men

This is a general question to men and women, gay or straight, about what keeps somebody in your “friendzone”? If you like a person for certain qualities enough to want to spend time with them, what barriers are there to being more than friends?

I was talking to Miss X the other night about two male friends she has recently been spending time with. She feels no attraction toward either of them. For one of them, that feeling is certainly mutual. In the other case, she thinks that he has a mild crush on her. Mild, and nothing that won’t present a problem to their friendship. She has given me specific reasons for why she is not attracted to either man and though she admits that they both have attractive qualities, they aren’t enough for her to desire more than friendship, or there is something about them that does not…

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