Do Women Get Friend-zoned?

question-du-jour-210506Do women get friend-zoned? If so, why don’t we ever read about it?

My personal opinion is that women do, in fact, get friend zoned. Believe it or not I have put women in the friend-zone.

The conditions are ripe for me friend-zoning a woman when she is still emotionally connected to different guy. When I go on that first date and she tells me how she is just friends with her Ex, and the look in her eye says she is in denial because she is still into him, that is a friend zone prospect for me. For me to be friends with her, I have to be genuinely interested in her mind…and it is not unusual for people who don’t have their own act together to be very perceptive when viewing the world around them…so people like this can make wonderful friends. But if they are in denial about their own lives, that is a showstopper for me romantically.

It is like when AshLee said she wasn’t in love with Sean Lowe on the Women Tell All episode of Bachelor 17…that is a major red flag for the guy that follows up Sean.

(Right now you are thinking, Smooth, why the hell are you watching a chick show like The Bachelor when you are supposed to be working on reattaching your balls? That is a good question but don’t try to change the subject…)

6 thoughts on “Do Women Get Friend-zoned?

  1. Yeah. Girls get friendzoned. Even when there isn’t any hint of the ex situation. Really. What can I say. He’s just not that into me. On the flip side – at least I have plenty to write about on my blog! It’d be a load of boring waffle otherwise… oh…wait… shit.

  2. I saw that with my friends. They made me watch the last 3 episodes of the Bachelor with them after breaking up with my girlfriend who still won’t leave me alone. Ashlee came off a bit jilted & jaded, and it seemed ike she still wanted Sean. Her eyes were intense, she could burn a hole through people with that stare of hers.

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