Which James Bond is Best in Bed?

007-agent-barry-nelson-daniel-craig-george-lazenby-james-bond-Favim.com-87120Which James Bond would be the best lover?

There are just some enduring questions in life that demand exploration, and this is one of them.

While writing about Bond films previously, I embedded video of a round table discussion considering the important question of, Which James Bond would go down on her? I think the general consensus of their discussion can summarized as follows:

Which James Bond would go down on her?

Sean Connery – Not a chance

George Lazenby – Does

Roger Moore – Does not

Timothy Dalton – Does

Pierce Brosnan – Does, but must immediately adjourn to restroom after to wash face, brush teeth, floss, use Listerine, and repeat.

Daniel Craig – No general consensus agreed upon. The female, whose opinion gets more weight, says “absolutely not”. While the men seem to think, “He’s munchin. Putting on a bib and going down all day…”

Obviously, this begs the question of which James Bond is the best lover?

Please share your thoughts. Which do you think is the best lover? And why?

Things to consider:

  • Age: We are going to assume we are talking about the man in his prime, not the year 2013. But when is his prime? For example, in Sean Connery’s case, he was pretty damn sexy for over 50 years! Some might prefer the Connery from his bit parts in late 1950s films, others might like him from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.
  • James Bond the character, or the actor himself? – You may also specify whether you see the actor himself or the character as the best lover.  For example, if you think Daniel Craig from Layer Cake is the bomb, this is perfectly acceptable. Or just Daniel Craig period and could care less about Bond. This is an acceptable answer (you will be wrong, but it will be accepted.)
  • Ladies (and gay men), which is best in bed is not necessarily the same question as which you would want to sleep with the most. If the answers to these questions are divergent for you, please explain why.
  • Heterosexual Men, which is the studliest is not the same not the same as as which you think women would find the most pleasing in bed. If the answers are divergent for you, please explain why.

Without further adieu, click on the slide show to see a list of James Bond actors for you to consider when pondering the important question of which one would be the best lover.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There you have your contestants ladies and gentlemen. I suspect this discussion will lead to differing views between genders as to what constitutes great sex.

Please discuss…

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