How My Heart Aches for Thee, Bro

bromance_clooney_pittI’ve been going about this all wrong. I deserve true love that can be depended on.

Why have I been searching or that special woman? It’s an act in futility. With the advent of online dating, women can get online anytime they want and get a young stud like ordering fries off a menu. They have no reason to commit to a guy like me.

I finally understand what is missing in my life: Bromance.

Kirk would never have made it without Spock. Bond needs Felix. Aflack and Damon, Clooney and Pitt…

I need a rad bromance. A wingman that can always be counted on.

Does anybody know a online site that hooks up heterosexual bros?

7 thoughts on “How My Heart Aches for Thee, Bro

  1. Never underestimate your own appeal… If I were an older lady… based on what I’ve read I’d certainly be interested.
    As for the bromance – friends definitely are better – I fill my evenings and weekends in a romance search because many of my friends are unavailable. As I have a small child and work being able to make new friends is tricky too – I am part of a social events organisation called Spice – maybe the US has the equivalent.?

    But a mate to head out with is the ideal – company, no mixed messages and guaranteed good times!

    • Thank you for the compliment. I think.

      You just said, “If I were an older lady…I’d be interested” to a guy having a mid life crisis.

      There is only one solution I can think of…

    • I suppose I could do a “guys looking for guys for friends” search. That would give me info on my competition, and allow you to search for a wingman at the same time.

      But I can’t look at guy profiles. It creeps me out. (I know this contradicts what I said post above).

      I am going to make it a point to network with single men though. Not joking!

  2. Someone needs to make!

    The only guys I have available as wingmen here are other single men. And in my experience, that doesn’t work too well because you then end up competing.

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