Best System for Code Names?

Sean Lowe eye candy.

Sean Lowe eye candy.

Today’s Question Du Jour is: What is the best system for code naming people in a blog?

They best system I have seen is at the Deliberately Delicious blog. Ms. Delicious simply uses letters of the alphabet in sequential order. It is quite an effective system.

Surely there are other simple yet effective methodologies out there. Any ideas?

[PS: From now on I will start sprinkling in random eye candy with Question Du Jour posts. I know you enjoy it, but you don’t have to admit you do.]

10 thoughts on “Best System for Code Names?

  1. I just tend to go with whatever feels natural for the person. Thus far I’ve used: a Yiddish term the describes the person perfectly; one guy’s favorite football team; a thinly-veiled comic book reference, a handful of commonly used nicknames and one or two that I just made up myself.

    I fell like I just handed you my personal Rosetta Stone.

  2. Usually, I find something identifiable about a particular person, and then possibly take it one step in a direction away from that person. For example, if I met someone who was a sock market trader, I’d start with Trader. Then if I felt like it, I might move on from Trader to one step further. Swapper, perhaps. Or Exchange.

    • Many of the blogs I enjoy reading use this system. It seems to work with limited numbers of characters. But if there are many the casual reader gets confused.

      For example, one of my frustrations is the shere number of dates I have gone on. Had I used a sequential system, the readers would get a better feel for my pain. This is one reason why I like Ms. Delicious’s system.

      • I can understand that. I just tend to get creative with my nicknames. Which is funny, because someone in my profession would normally tend to the sequential, organized nicknames.

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