Damn You Pandora!

mzl.otxpwuvd.175x175-75All I wanted to do tonight was drink a Dirty Vodka Martini and chill to some Pandora. Specifically, I wanted to create three new stations based on these artists:

She is Love by Swagger
Winter Solstice by The Tea Party
Just a Friend by Biz Markie

Those are pretty modest evening plans right? Considering I actually have olives and vermouth, I think I had reasonable expectations for the evening. If things get wild and crazy, maybe I’ll watch the new Archer episode and consider adding a station based on Poison by Bell Biv Divo too.*

LikesBut NOOO! Some asshole at Pandora has robbed me of my pleasant evening due to their arbitrary 100 station limit. I feel like Joe Pesci at a drive thru!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Pandora. I know Spotify has it’s fans, but Pandora is still the king at finding new music. That is what I love about it…the constant quest to find new music. It is like treasure hunting for overlooked gems. It’s great! But this limiting me to a hundred stations thing sucks. 100 stations isn’t enough!

What middle aged square white guy doesn't like a little Biz Markie with his drink?

What middle aged square white guy doesn’t like a little Biz Markie with his drink?

It would be fine if they gave me some sort of tool to help manage the stations. Over time certain stations will morph and become similar, so stations do need to be culled over time. But it would help if they gave us some tools to help manage that. Like maybe merge similar stations or at least identify stations that are similar. Or let me export the data from my stations to a .csv file so I can build my own tool! But just leaving me hanging sucks!

So I guess I’ll drink my martini and write a whiny blog post instead of listening to music…maybe I’ll get lucky and some Pandora person will stumble across this message and help us Pandora addicts out!

*I do believe Sterling Archer’s favorite song is indeed Poison by Bell Biv Deveo. I have no idea how such useless information is retained in my head. But for the record, I do not think there is enough vodka in my house to create a station based on this song. That was just an attempt at Archer humor.


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