Are You Blinded By Love of Your Pet?

Only a mother could love that face.

Only a mother could love that face.

Years ago my Ex and I got our first dog, a young Boston Terrier. Like many young couples are prone to do, we treated the pet like our first child. We spoiled that animal rotten. Our reason for being was to tend to the animal’s every need and make it happy. We thought it was the most adorable creature that had every existed.

Years later we looked at photos of the dog and were stunned. There is no denying it: That dog was ugly as shit!

Good grief is love blind! That dog was crossed eyed, bug eyed, ill mannered, hyper, snorted and farted all the time. Can you imagine what people thought when they visited our house? We would open the door and out would run this freak of nature looking dog, running right at them snorting and grunting with drool and snot going everywhere…people’s first impression of us had to be that we were like the Addams family. A total freak show.

And if the animal itself wasn’t bad enough, they had to be disgusted to see us acting like freaks over the dog. We would let the dog kiss us, and sit at the dinner table like a person. I remember one priss pot friend that was visiting us, and the dog jumps up and kisses her right in the mouth. A disgusting creature French kiss. Now that I think about it that may be the last time I saw that woman. No wonder she disappeared!

Oh, they all talked about how cute our dog was. But they were just being polite. Our dog was ill-mannered and ugly.

My eyes have been opened now that I’ve been a guests in single women’s homes and witnessed how they act with their pets. Looking back I am extremely embarrassed. The thing is, it is normal for a masters to love their pets dearly. But you can’t really expect other people to love your pets like you do. Love is blind. You see a cute loyal creature. Your guests likely sees a smelly animal that needs a bath.

Tomorrow I will share tips on how to keep your pet from sabotaging your date.

6 thoughts on “Are You Blinded By Love of Your Pet?

  1. I think it’s hard not to be. As long as you treat a dog halfway decent, they are blindly loyal to you. Cats are too, in their own weird ways, I guess.

    I think your pet’s (specifically a dog or a cat) reactions to a date is a good indicator of their worthy-ness. I’ve heard this from several women in particular

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