Top 10 Makeout Songs

I now present my Top 10 Makeout Songs. Gentlemen, click here to read about the proper use of these songs. Note: These songs are not presented in any particular order.

Bonus: You can add Till I Gain Control Again by Willie Nelson if you want to see if she is truly cool or not. But you may not be able to get away with it like I can.

(Holy shit! I just noticed that my list is heavily weighted towards 90s music. I guess that is when my interesting life was put on pause…scary aha moment here. Shit. Just….shit.)

Are there any glaring oversights? What are your favorite makeout songs?


21 thoughts on “Top 10 Makeout Songs

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  2. La Femme d’Argent and Wicked Game are on my ‘bedtime’ playlist too. Ooh La La by Goldfrapp is the sexiest song I know. [Nights in White Satin is on my ‘relaxing’ playlist, good song]. Going to have some fun on Spotify with the ones I don’t know!

    • Hey! That Goldfrapp song is good. I haven’t heard it before. Sort of sounds like it is to the tune of ZZ Top’s La Grange to me though…

      Thank you for making me feel better about my 90s selections!

      • Oh my God, currently listening to Everything Is Never Quite Enough – The Thomas Crown affair is one of the sexiest films – and that song! Damn that’s good. I know an alarming number of these songs really well…nice.

      • There should be nothing alarming about having good taste. Both Thomas Crown movies are sexy. The flirty chess scene from the first movie was infamous in it’s day. Or so I am told.

  3. Reblogged this on cotswoldsgirl and commented:
    Having such fun listening to these on Spotify I had to re-blog. I knew some of the names were kind of familiar… and oh yes they are some rediscovered favourites! Now all I need is a [victim] sorry, appreciative audience to have swooning at my feet. Awesome.

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  7. You inspired me to post my own playlist of sexy songs 😉 I’ll admit the only one of yours that I’ve really spent much time listening to is Wicked Game. Off to check out some of the others. 🙂

  8. Genius idea! This evening I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening to your list – hmmmm – fun to be had there!I don’t have my full list yet but am searching through my Cd’s (archaic I know) and youtube to form it! I want to steal a few too – I’ll publish my list when I have it! I’d definitely include Everyday by Jamiroquai and Glorybox by Portishead. Sexy moves….

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